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03 May 2013 @ 05:19 pm

In this journal, you'll find many stuffs (see profile page).

I guess I'll be sharing files here so some posts will only be available only if you're in my friends list. Go ahead and click that "Add as friend" link and I'll most probably add you back too! Just to warn you first, I can spam posts and go MIA for days or weeks. And I usually post about anything. Like, really anything.

Oh, feel free to reply to this post to introduce yourself if you're adding me. I'm nice. :)
03 June 2013 @ 11:11 pm
Today's the start of a 3-day camp for the programme. 8AM to 2:30PM, lunch break from 11:30AM to 12:00PM. My partner was an uncle who in my opinion, can do even better in training, especially getting the attention of the kids. I was itching to step up to the front and butt in, yet I didn't (only a little) because I respected his style. From the start, if you didn't set the ground rules and the base right, it would be a challenge to overcome them. They will talk to each other, do their own things, or even shout across the classroom in a verbal fight. Imagine how tiring it was to be constantly on my toes. And my partner didn't do much of a classroom management. I literally did the majority of it myself. Orz

Anyway, that aside, today's the day I collected my SB pay! My friend said it would be in the form of check, yet it's cash in envelope. Before that, I rushed home, unpack and pack my bag with the SB uniform to return, got out again in a few minutes and made my way to Bedok to meet my friends. I nearly got lost. East side is such a foreign place to me. :( I ate my energy bar on the way so I wasn't feeling hungry when they were having their dinner at Subway. It then began to pour real hard, though it's lucky that we were only caught in the drizzle on our way to the car park and slight heavy downpour on the way to the car. My friend parked it on the roof as it's nearest to the lobby. -w-

Basically right after that, he dropped us off at AMK and we took the train towards Yishun. He went to meet his friend while I went home. Not really... I went to the mall to get a late dinner and did some last minute shopping for my travel in a few days. Then.... Home sweet home!

I find that I'm kind of talking rubbish here. My mind is too worn out to frame my sentences properly. Zzz(_ _ )

Oh yes! I managed to finish my training at 2PM, and I let them have some fun. They boys entertained themselves by dancing to OGS in front of the class and did some nonsense stuff. My class 4D is cute yet noisy. What should I get them when the camp ends on Wednesday? Hmm...
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29 May 2013 @ 10:32 pm
This will be a quick update. I'm sorry that I'm not able to reply to the messages right now. I am totally worn out, both mentally and physically, though more towards the former. My muscles are still all right, because this ain't enough to make my muscles feel sore! Hehehe... I still have things to finish before I can sleep. Orz I'll read and reply them properly when I get home tomorrow evening. (o^^o)

Today, I went hiking with 10 students from AISS, class 1T1G3. This group consisted of 8 Malays (females) and 2 males, 1 Indian, another Malay. It's a good thing that the majority of them are girls, because towards girls, there's no need for my gangster side to show at all, plus the boys were well-behaved. These 13-year old kids were adorable. Whenever I said "No one should walk behind me!" and sped up my walking speed, they all ran passed me all the way to the front. So imagine a group of students running with a facilitator speed walking in a relatively crowded underpass. xD

Basically, we traveled almost all over Singapore and walked about 10km distance or perhaps more (or less). We climbed the hill, walked a long distance, walked up and down the slopes, crossed the Henderson Wave bridge, went down the see-through stairs in the midst of a forest, trekked the uber long route that's built above the forest, and climbed another hill and got down from the same way we that climbed up. In short, it was tiring! We walked in the light drizzle for the remaining half of the day. The weather was quite good in the beginning as there wasn't much sun. The rain nearly spoil the kite flying session. Things still went pretty well in the end.

The train ride back was excruciating. Good thing I was conversing with a fellow facilitator. If not, I would have fallen asleep. Once we were back in the school, we returned the first aid kit and we were good to go. My bus ride home was a blur. I was knocked out throughout the journey. I was dead tired, seriously. Right now, I have the strong urge to crawl to bed, yet I have things to do and submit. Oh man... And there's training tomorrow again, at 2PM. It's the last session!

I will probably note down the things that happened today in the next update. That's all for now. I need to get my things done now.
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I am mentally tired beyond words, so I'll keep this post as short as possible. If it doesn't make any sense, pardon me. That's me stone typing and not thinking much.

This morning, I woke up at 4:15AM and managed to crawl out of bed 15 minutes later. I did a bit of abs training before getting up, that explains why it took quite awhile. :D I was surprisingly awake and ready to go. In the end, I miscalculated the timing and reached the station an hour earlier than the meeting time. Oh well! Another trainer was early just like I was. He was already in the school before me, I think. The rest were late. >:(

Anyway, my station was at the street football court which was located slightly above ground level and fully exposed to the damn scorching hot sun. I stood there since morning 8+ all the way to afternoon. In the later session, I was relocated to a sheltered place, which was definitely better. The teams in the 2nd session had better teamwork and coodination than the ones in the 1st session. They seriously make my day. <3 They were so cooperative and I felt really proud of them for completing the task which many other groups were struggling with. Thanks guys!

After a tiring day, my friend and I strolled around at Jurong Point and had a mini chit-chat session at the McDonald's. On the way home, I was knocked out on the bus throughout the whole journey. That's how mentally tired I was. Thank goodness that tomorrow's training starts at 2PM, which means I get to sleep in a little bit later and get out of house earliest at 12PM. Woot~!

Anyway, here's how my hands and arms look like now after standing under the hot sun.

Photo 27-5-13 21 53 06Photo 27-5-13 21 17 11

My mama couldn't stop laughing when I showed her why only my fingers weren't tanned. Seriously... My close to even tanned thanks to the Sentosa event has already turned to even worse uneven tan. Orz
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26 May 2013 @ 11:13 pm
Yesterday was dull. All I did was stay home and that's pretty much exciting about it. Well, I did some workout too. That made me happy. :D

Today, I had my friend to bring me to the army shop to get my mosquito coil holder. He got his stuff too, so it's a win-win situation. After that, we headed to IMM and got lost just at the first level. That place is not that huge yet there are too many shops that we were quite confused. He signed up for a fibre broadband at M1 and by the time it was settled, it was already 3+PM. We had yet to eat our lunch! We ended up walking circles at that level finding food, the washroom, and the ATM. Seriously... The directory wasn't easily in sight.

We had our luncher at Streats HK Cafe. My black pepper chicken was not bad! The black pepper sauce was delicious. Yummy~ I guess I'll have my dinner at Streats again soon. Tomorrow, perhaps? Right after that, we headed to the library to return his book. A book caught my attention: Take a box of eggs; 100 easy, irresistible recipes. I got him to borrow that for me. Waha! I shall pick one of the easiest and make one day.

And the day ended with us shopping at the mall at our area. I got my mosquito coils and few days worth of yogurt, while he got his few days worth of fruit juices. Then, I paid my phone bill and sayonara~ and home sweet home! I seriously spent a lot today. Not good... :(

Tomorrow's the start of another all-day out schedule. Gotta wake up early tomorrow! Pioneer Sec, here I come!
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23 May 2013 @ 11:41 pm
This morning, I had a last session at GRSS. The class didn't respond much but stare at me when I spoke. Oh well, at least they were attentive. I got to finish 2 lessons without breaking a sweat. I guess I ought to cut short the talking in order to make time for the multiple videos.

There was another training at WGPS at 2PM. I saw no point in heading home so I went straight to the nearest mall to the school - Jurong Point - by bus. Throughout the whole ride, I nearly fell asleep. That's when I realized how tired I was. As the bus was approaching the interchange, my abdomen felt queasy. That's when my senses tingled. I rushed to the loo the moment I alighted to find that my intuition was right. It wasn't supposed to come until 3 days later. I guess yesterday's abs training brought it forward along with the cramps. Oh man...

I spent my time exploring the mall, played 2 rounds of Jubeat at the arcade, and the rest of the time sitting on the bench thanks to the cramps. Again, I nearly dozed off. About an hour before the starting time, I took the bus to the school which was just a few stops away. There was only a class (CCA) and my partner was my friend. Basically, he did the talking and managing while I was there merely to facilitate the flow and helped out in a group's filming. In the beginning of the session, I raised my voice at a few girls because they didn't want to take in the ones who didn't have a group, and it would be 2 of them in a group, which doesn't sound at all.

I need to develop a new way to deal with my cramps and rude students. I tend to lose my cool easily when it's the time. Urgh. The woes of a woman. Tsk.

After that, we traveled to Yishun and had our dinner at North Point. We had Jap food for dinner! The omurice was fantastic! I can't say the same for the katsu that came along with it though. The egg was fabulous. It was soft and had a strong egg scent. The texture and taste were just too good to describe. <3 We also shared a plate of okonomiyaki scallop with veggies and potatoes. The scallop was nice! Great food.

At 7PM, he left while I went up to find the guy who briefed to me about the school on 27th May. Mm... Then I had a short chat with my best friend. Yeah, that's the gist of my day. I'm actually quite lazy to update, yet I somehow managed to motivate myself to click the button. Hahaha...

Tomorrow is the long-awaited alone time! Shall catch up to my anime. :3
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Today was rather interesting. Why do I say so? My partner for today's sessions is my good friend! I called him this morning only to be picked up at the 9th call with a I-just-woke-up tone. That guy went back to sleep again after being woken up by the alarms. -.-

The first class went smoothly, though overrun by 10 minutes which the teacher paid back by ending hers late in the other class. Haha... The second class was conducted by my friend. He managed to cover 3 lessons in 45 minutes. Not bad... Though he really did skipped quite a few things. No choice. The last one, I let him took over and I was at the front providing minimal support. It ended quite fast. It was raining while the class was ongoing. Thank goodness it let up a few minutes before the class ended.

And BAM! We were back at our respective home and met up again to head to the gym. It's been more than 3 months since I last stepped in a gym. That gym was under renovation which broke my momentum. Oh well. Gym session wasn't as tiring, probably because I didn't get on the treadmill. Kekeke... I did abs exercises with him though. And what can I say? My abs felt harder than before. Woot! I'm going to keep up this regimen from today onwards. Time to get rid of my family pack and reveal my sexy abs. Wahaha!

It always feels good to work with friends, and close friends especially. It took my friends 2 years to be put in the same class, 2 months for my best friend and I to be in the same class (yesterday), and 2 days for my close friend to be in the same class as I. The number 2 is a fated number. v(^∀^*)

All right! Time for me to head to bath! I'm quite beat. And is it normal to be uber hungry after gym? I had luncher at 5+PM yet I still felt hungry an hour or so later. I ended up eating a bit more; all eaten before 8PM though. (*ノ∀`*)
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20 May 2013 @ 10:29 pm
Firstly, I would like to say sorry to the ones who have been waiting for me to approve the request. Now you can watch the Special movie in NY! :D

Last week, I had training from Tuesday to Thursday at the same school, same timing, and only for 2 hours. What kept me going was my students. Well, I will only see them for only 2 more sessions and then we will not be seeing each other again. /sobs

On last Thursday, right after the training, I headed straight to Vivo since it's only a few stops away from the school. It doesn't make sense for me to rush back home and travel all the way there again within 2 hours. I had my early dinner since I was uber hungry. That's when my sandals broke. Good thing I brought my slippers along. It was a last minute decision.

For the gist of whatnot throughout the days at Sentosa, they will be at a separate post. And I think I shall leave the happenings during the corporate event out till some time later. I only remember drinking the champagne discreetly with JZ. :P

Today marks the start of the 4 days straight training at the GRSS. It was a good start, I can say. My partner called me last night at 12+AM to tell me that she wouldn't be able to make it for the first 2 sessions in the morning as she will be seeing the doctor for her sore throat, though she will be able to make it for the session at 1PM. So in short, I went solo today; only for the last 2 sessions.

The first session happened to be in the first lesson of the day, which there was a miscommunication somewhere that the first lesson was used as the time for the Sec 2s to check their mid-year exams results. And I rushed for nothing. I woke up late (exactly an hour before the start of the session), and I barely made it on time. Phew~! For the 1PM session, my partner sent a message to me during lunchtime, telling me that she's still at the hospital so I would have to go solo again, unless there is a replacement. Oh well, my in-charge told me to go solo since it's a last minute thing.

After today's sessions, I find that going solo has its own perks too. You get to do the things that you want without the need to be conscious of your partner. To me, I will be somewhat conscious of my partner. That's kind of a habit I think. My classes were cool. The students clicked well with me. I seriously love interacting with kids and students. They never fail to make me smile. No matter how moody or down I am, my mood will instantly brighten up at the sight of them, more so when they approach me and started talking (nonsense) to me.

I shall end it here. If not... This post will get even longer.
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12 May 2013 @ 02:17 am
Yesterday evening, I was looking forward to my mama bringing back dinner for me. When she finally came back, she said that dad sent her home and we will be eating out tonight instead of on the 24th. Oh man... After doing some training and sweating quite a fair bit, I immediately rushed to get a quick bath and got ready.

We waited for my aunt to finish her work so our dinner was slightly prolonged. We ordered 5 dishes, which totaled up to be $71.50. I was expecting it to be about 80+ though. The fish was the bomb - $24. It's not worth it to order fish. The sweet and sour pork wasn't that nice. I still love the ones from Genting! I want to eat it again sometime. Teppan tofu was not bad too. So was the yam ring. The cereal prawns were quite nice! The prawns were pretty fresh. Quite worth the money. I was very full even up till late in the night.

By the time I reached home, it was already close to 7:30PM. Just when I was about to go to bathe, I took my phone from my bag and realized, there were a few new messages and a missed call. That bully called and we ended up meeting up at town for nothing. That's right, for nothing. Initially, he asked to help him pick a gift for his mama, yet when my bus just exited the highway, he said he's already bought the gift. -w- Oh great. We ended up strolling from one end to the other of the town, drank Starbucks coffee (I didn't, although he sort of forced me by saying it's his treat, I was still full), watched him eat his dinner, and talked a lot.

Right now, I feel quite stoned. I can't wait to get to bed. BAD BOYS J! That's what will motivate me to jump out of the bed in the morning. Hohoho~ Nakaken! ♥
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09 May 2013 @ 10:13 pm
The 5-day event has finally come to an end. Through these 5 days, I've learned new things, made new friends, endured extreme cold, and lost some weight too. I will probably update briefly about the happenings tomorrow because I am already dead tired. Today's motivation for me to get out of bed: it's the last day!

That's right. Even though the reporting time was early morning, I still managed to get myself out of bed and reached the venue early. There were times where we laughed, many times where we slacked and stared into space, talk to each other and knew more about one another, abusing the walkie talkie, and having our meals together.

Finally, I get to sleep in peace tonight.
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