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09 May 2013 @ 10:13 pm
Completed! Tired, Happy, and Nostalgic  
The 5-day event has finally come to an end. Through these 5 days, I've learned new things, made new friends, endured extreme cold, and lost some weight too. I will probably update briefly about the happenings tomorrow because I am already dead tired. Today's motivation for me to get out of bed: it's the last day!

That's right. Even though the reporting time was early morning, I still managed to get myself out of bed and reached the venue early. There were times where we laughed, many times where we slacked and stared into space, talk to each other and knew more about one another, abusing the walkie talkie, and having our meals together.

Finally, I get to sleep in peace tonight.
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Current Music: Silver Moon - Sexy Zone