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20 May 2013 @ 10:29 pm
Hectic Schedule (not yet!)  
Firstly, I would like to say sorry to the ones who have been waiting for me to approve the request. Now you can watch the Special movie in NY! :D

Last week, I had training from Tuesday to Thursday at the same school, same timing, and only for 2 hours. What kept me going was my students. Well, I will only see them for only 2 more sessions and then we will not be seeing each other again. /sobs

On last Thursday, right after the training, I headed straight to Vivo since it's only a few stops away from the school. It doesn't make sense for me to rush back home and travel all the way there again within 2 hours. I had my early dinner since I was uber hungry. That's when my sandals broke. Good thing I brought my slippers along. It was a last minute decision.

For the gist of whatnot throughout the days at Sentosa, they will be at a separate post. And I think I shall leave the happenings during the corporate event out till some time later. I only remember drinking the champagne discreetly with JZ. :P

Today marks the start of the 4 days straight training at the GRSS. It was a good start, I can say. My partner called me last night at 12+AM to tell me that she wouldn't be able to make it for the first 2 sessions in the morning as she will be seeing the doctor for her sore throat, though she will be able to make it for the session at 1PM. So in short, I went solo today; only for the last 2 sessions.

The first session happened to be in the first lesson of the day, which there was a miscommunication somewhere that the first lesson was used as the time for the Sec 2s to check their mid-year exams results. And I rushed for nothing. I woke up late (exactly an hour before the start of the session), and I barely made it on time. Phew~! For the 1PM session, my partner sent a message to me during lunchtime, telling me that she's still at the hospital so I would have to go solo again, unless there is a replacement. Oh well, my in-charge told me to go solo since it's a last minute thing.

After today's sessions, I find that going solo has its own perks too. You get to do the things that you want without the need to be conscious of your partner. To me, I will be somewhat conscious of my partner. That's kind of a habit I think. My classes were cool. The students clicked well with me. I seriously love interacting with kids and students. They never fail to make me smile. No matter how moody or down I am, my mood will instantly brighten up at the sight of them, more so when they approach me and started talking (nonsense) to me.

I shall end it here. If not... This post will get even longer.
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