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22 May 2013 @ 07:57 pm
A different experience, back to the usual  
Today was rather interesting. Why do I say so? My partner for today's sessions is my good friend! I called him this morning only to be picked up at the 9th call with a I-just-woke-up tone. That guy went back to sleep again after being woken up by the alarms. -.-

The first class went smoothly, though overrun by 10 minutes which the teacher paid back by ending hers late in the other class. Haha... The second class was conducted by my friend. He managed to cover 3 lessons in 45 minutes. Not bad... Though he really did skipped quite a few things. No choice. The last one, I let him took over and I was at the front providing minimal support. It ended quite fast. It was raining while the class was ongoing. Thank goodness it let up a few minutes before the class ended.

And BAM! We were back at our respective home and met up again to head to the gym. It's been more than 3 months since I last stepped in a gym. That gym was under renovation which broke my momentum. Oh well. Gym session wasn't as tiring, probably because I didn't get on the treadmill. Kekeke... I did abs exercises with him though. And what can I say? My abs felt harder than before. Woot! I'm going to keep up this regimen from today onwards. Time to get rid of my family pack and reveal my sexy abs. Wahaha!

It always feels good to work with friends, and close friends especially. It took my friends 2 years to be put in the same class, 2 months for my best friend and I to be in the same class (yesterday), and 2 days for my close friend to be in the same class as I. The number 2 is a fated number. v(^∀^*)

All right! Time for me to head to bath! I'm quite beat. And is it normal to be uber hungry after gym? I had luncher at 5+PM yet I still felt hungry an hour or so later. I ended up eating a bit more; all eaten before 8PM though. (*ノ∀`*)
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