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23 May 2013 @ 11:41 pm
The Wonder of a Push  
This morning, I had a last session at GRSS. The class didn't respond much but stare at me when I spoke. Oh well, at least they were attentive. I got to finish 2 lessons without breaking a sweat. I guess I ought to cut short the talking in order to make time for the multiple videos.

There was another training at WGPS at 2PM. I saw no point in heading home so I went straight to the nearest mall to the school - Jurong Point - by bus. Throughout the whole ride, I nearly fell asleep. That's when I realized how tired I was. As the bus was approaching the interchange, my abdomen felt queasy. That's when my senses tingled. I rushed to the loo the moment I alighted to find that my intuition was right. It wasn't supposed to come until 3 days later. I guess yesterday's abs training brought it forward along with the cramps. Oh man...

I spent my time exploring the mall, played 2 rounds of Jubeat at the arcade, and the rest of the time sitting on the bench thanks to the cramps. Again, I nearly dozed off. About an hour before the starting time, I took the bus to the school which was just a few stops away. There was only a class (CCA) and my partner was my friend. Basically, he did the talking and managing while I was there merely to facilitate the flow and helped out in a group's filming. In the beginning of the session, I raised my voice at a few girls because they didn't want to take in the ones who didn't have a group, and it would be 2 of them in a group, which doesn't sound at all.

I need to develop a new way to deal with my cramps and rude students. I tend to lose my cool easily when it's the time. Urgh. The woes of a woman. Tsk.

After that, we traveled to Yishun and had our dinner at North Point. We had Jap food for dinner! The omurice was fantastic! I can't say the same for the katsu that came along with it though. The egg was fabulous. It was soft and had a strong egg scent. The texture and taste were just too good to describe. <3 We also shared a plate of okonomiyaki scallop with veggies and potatoes. The scallop was nice! Great food.

At 7PM, he left while I went up to find the guy who briefed to me about the school on 27th May. Mm... Then I had a short chat with my best friend. Yeah, that's the gist of my day. I'm actually quite lazy to update, yet I somehow managed to motivate myself to click the button. Hahaha...

Tomorrow is the long-awaited alone time! Shall catch up to my anime. :3
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