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26 May 2013 @ 11:13 pm
A day spent spending money  
Yesterday was dull. All I did was stay home and that's pretty much exciting about it. Well, I did some workout too. That made me happy. :D

Today, I had my friend to bring me to the army shop to get my mosquito coil holder. He got his stuff too, so it's a win-win situation. After that, we headed to IMM and got lost just at the first level. That place is not that huge yet there are too many shops that we were quite confused. He signed up for a fibre broadband at M1 and by the time it was settled, it was already 3+PM. We had yet to eat our lunch! We ended up walking circles at that level finding food, the washroom, and the ATM. Seriously... The directory wasn't easily in sight.

We had our luncher at Streats HK Cafe. My black pepper chicken was not bad! The black pepper sauce was delicious. Yummy~ I guess I'll have my dinner at Streats again soon. Tomorrow, perhaps? Right after that, we headed to the library to return his book. A book caught my attention: Take a box of eggs; 100 easy, irresistible recipes. I got him to borrow that for me. Waha! I shall pick one of the easiest and make one day.

And the day ended with us shopping at the mall at our area. I got my mosquito coils and few days worth of yogurt, while he got his few days worth of fruit juices. Then, I paid my phone bill and sayonara~ and home sweet home! I seriously spent a lot today. Not good... :(

Tomorrow's the start of another all-day out schedule. Gotta wake up early tomorrow! Pioneer Sec, here I come!
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