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27 May 2013 @ 10:20 pm
Unintentional Suntanning & Utter Weariness  
I am mentally tired beyond words, so I'll keep this post as short as possible. If it doesn't make any sense, pardon me. That's me stone typing and not thinking much.

This morning, I woke up at 4:15AM and managed to crawl out of bed 15 minutes later. I did a bit of abs training before getting up, that explains why it took quite awhile. :D I was surprisingly awake and ready to go. In the end, I miscalculated the timing and reached the station an hour earlier than the meeting time. Oh well! Another trainer was early just like I was. He was already in the school before me, I think. The rest were late. >:(

Anyway, my station was at the street football court which was located slightly above ground level and fully exposed to the damn scorching hot sun. I stood there since morning 8+ all the way to afternoon. In the later session, I was relocated to a sheltered place, which was definitely better. The teams in the 2nd session had better teamwork and coodination than the ones in the 1st session. They seriously make my day. <3 They were so cooperative and I felt really proud of them for completing the task which many other groups were struggling with. Thanks guys!

After a tiring day, my friend and I strolled around at Jurong Point and had a mini chit-chat session at the McDonald's. On the way home, I was knocked out on the bus throughout the whole journey. That's how mentally tired I was. Thank goodness that tomorrow's training starts at 2PM, which means I get to sleep in a little bit later and get out of house earliest at 12PM. Woot~!

Anyway, here's how my hands and arms look like now after standing under the hot sun.

Photo 27-5-13 21 53 06Photo 27-5-13 21 17 11

My mama couldn't stop laughing when I showed her why only my fingers weren't tanned. Seriously... My close to even tanned thanks to the Sentosa event has already turned to even worse uneven tan. Orz
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