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29 May 2013 @ 10:32 pm
Uber Worn Out (Quick Update)  
This will be a quick update. I'm sorry that I'm not able to reply to the messages right now. I am totally worn out, both mentally and physically, though more towards the former. My muscles are still all right, because this ain't enough to make my muscles feel sore! Hehehe... I still have things to finish before I can sleep. Orz I'll read and reply them properly when I get home tomorrow evening. (o^^o)

Today, I went hiking with 10 students from AISS, class 1T1G3. This group consisted of 8 Malays (females) and 2 males, 1 Indian, another Malay. It's a good thing that the majority of them are girls, because towards girls, there's no need for my gangster side to show at all, plus the boys were well-behaved. These 13-year old kids were adorable. Whenever I said "No one should walk behind me!" and sped up my walking speed, they all ran passed me all the way to the front. So imagine a group of students running with a facilitator speed walking in a relatively crowded underpass. xD

Basically, we traveled almost all over Singapore and walked about 10km distance or perhaps more (or less). We climbed the hill, walked a long distance, walked up and down the slopes, crossed the Henderson Wave bridge, went down the see-through stairs in the midst of a forest, trekked the uber long route that's built above the forest, and climbed another hill and got down from the same way we that climbed up. In short, it was tiring! We walked in the light drizzle for the remaining half of the day. The weather was quite good in the beginning as there wasn't much sun. The rain nearly spoil the kite flying session. Things still went pretty well in the end.

The train ride back was excruciating. Good thing I was conversing with a fellow facilitator. If not, I would have fallen asleep. Once we were back in the school, we returned the first aid kit and we were good to go. My bus ride home was a blur. I was knocked out throughout the journey. I was dead tired, seriously. Right now, I have the strong urge to crawl to bed, yet I have things to do and submit. Oh man... And there's training tomorrow again, at 2PM. It's the last session!

I will probably note down the things that happened today in the next update. That's all for now. I need to get my things done now.
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