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03 June 2013 @ 11:11 pm
Happening day in class  
Today's the start of a 3-day camp for the programme. 8AM to 2:30PM, lunch break from 11:30AM to 12:00PM. My partner was an uncle who in my opinion, can do even better in training, especially getting the attention of the kids. I was itching to step up to the front and butt in, yet I didn't (only a little) because I respected his style. From the start, if you didn't set the ground rules and the base right, it would be a challenge to overcome them. They will talk to each other, do their own things, or even shout across the classroom in a verbal fight. Imagine how tiring it was to be constantly on my toes. And my partner didn't do much of a classroom management. I literally did the majority of it myself. Orz

Anyway, that aside, today's the day I collected my SB pay! My friend said it would be in the form of check, yet it's cash in envelope. Before that, I rushed home, unpack and pack my bag with the SB uniform to return, got out again in a few minutes and made my way to Bedok to meet my friends. I nearly got lost. East side is such a foreign place to me. :( I ate my energy bar on the way so I wasn't feeling hungry when they were having their dinner at Subway. It then began to pour real hard, though it's lucky that we were only caught in the drizzle on our way to the car park and slight heavy downpour on the way to the car. My friend parked it on the roof as it's nearest to the lobby. -w-

Basically right after that, he dropped us off at AMK and we took the train towards Yishun. He went to meet his friend while I went home. Not really... I went to the mall to get a late dinner and did some last minute shopping for my travel in a few days. Then.... Home sweet home!

I find that I'm kind of talking rubbish here. My mind is too worn out to frame my sentences properly. Zzz(_ _ )

Oh yes! I managed to finish my training at 2PM, and I let them have some fun. They boys entertained themselves by dancing to OGS in front of the class and did some nonsense stuff. My class 4D is cute yet noisy. What should I get them when the camp ends on Wednesday? Hmm...
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